Systems Integration

Systems integration is the backbone of your DMS or grid modernization implementation

Corporate IT and operations OT systems such as GIS, CIS, DMS, and OMS are all key data points for a Smart Grid eco-system. Your data investments are valuable to the organization and we take integration seriously.

InfraGrid works with you to first understand and appreciate the business requirements. Having knowledge of your Smart Grid objectives and detailed requirements gives us the 360 degree freedom to figure out the best possible integration specification and recommend alternatives where necessary. Data requirements for vendor products tend to get intensive and challenging to interpret. Our approach is to simplify product data requirements in order to ensure understanding among utility stakeholder groups.

With a large T&D utility in Canada, we worked with their DMS vendor to explicitly identify all DMS data and CIM integration requirements and then conducted stakeholder workshops to comprehend the requirements and identify sources of data within the utility organization. Where required, we identified acceptable mathematical formulas to derive data parameters within integration layer and helped save client hundreds of thousands of dollars in data maintenance costs.

5ii Systems Integration Approach – IL

Our Approach

Having an understanding of all systems and data requirements is critical to enable successful and sustainable integration on broad Smart Grid implementations.

Whether your objective is a solo DMS implementation or a wider CDM, Mobility, Smart Meter, SCADA and DMS integration, our philosophy remains anchored on first grasping your business requirements and then on breaking down complex product integration and data requirements with you respective data and technical teams into simpler manageable chunks.