Project Management

The probability of success on projects increases when a robust project plan is created with all accountable parties. The plans need to be tangible with relevant dependencies that teams are counting on. Ultimately, successful projects often have not just a project plan but also a dynamic Plan B as a hedge if adversity strikes.

Our consultants have worked with large T&D corporations and managed integrated Smart Grid program plans spanning multiple projects with the underlying objective of delivering milestones on time. Our approach to planning is to keep the hard hitting milestones and dependencies constantly visible and actioned across the program. We do this by interviewing project leads on their objectives, constraints, resourcing, and value offering. Having a complete handle on high level project details helps us keep our perspective and generates relevant engagement in planning activities from stakeholders and allows us to deliver recommendations to overcome challenges.

6ii Project Mgmt – IL

Our Approach

At a large utility, we developed an integrated plan that included DMS, Integration, and Testing activities that were on critical path. On a tight delivery timeline, we developed an accelerated plan with key team resources. After communicating the plan and the sense of relevant actions for accountable parties, the working teams understood the moving pieces and conducted the tasks with minimal Project Management overhead. We understand the roles project plans play in overall alignment but are bold to utilize proven alternatives when all hands are on deck.

Our modus operandi is that rigorous planning and having an understanding of your Smart Grid projects is critical in creating successful plans. This introduces discipline and focus across the teams while gives Senior Leadership a window into the project’s status and future. We believe in using Project Management as a tool to deliver value and advance your initiative and we achieve this by stitching cross-stream dependencies, milestones, and, constraints that the project leads and working teams can understand and rely on.