Process and People Integration

At the heart of it, Smart Grid, like most transformational programs, is about integrating technology with people to achieve synergies. As service providers to the electric utilities, we work closely with your frontline professionals such as Distribution Operators, Dispatchers, Field crew, Stations team, Data Custodians, Back-office IT teams as well as Management team to fully understand which existing process currently works well and where opportunities exist to remediate. There is an immense value in your team’s collective experience and skill set. And we collaborate to harness their input. Having a good understanding of utility processes and Smart Grid technologies helps our consultants reduce ramp-up time and hit the ground running.

We appreciate the criticality of sustaining your current workflows and seek to deliver augmented processes that are enabled by new technology investments such as DMS, Mobile, Distribution Automation, or Consumer Demand Management. Our approach is to not create greenfield processes unless necessary.


Our Approach

InfraGrid works towards understanding your strategic Smart Grid direction to ensure the low level process details map-up to your corporate goals and milestones. Our consultants worked with a large vertically integrated utility in Southwest USA to augment their processes in light of an OMS upgrade to enhance Outage Management Processes. We worked with a large Northeast USA utility on enhancing Asset Management processes with an aim to reduce their annual OM&A expenditure.

Your investment towards an advanced grid needs to factor in optimizing your existing resources. People and processes are central to yielding your ROI and InfraGrid understands that it’s not just about documenting processes. It’s about your teams acquiring the ability to reason new possibilities with emerging technologies and finally measuring the value delivered empirically through metrics.