Sustainment Processes,
Technology, and Organization

Sustainment of data required to operate via DMS or OMS calls for data in source systems that is timely, accurate, and persistent. Data maintenance is a challenge and we work with you to identify key technology and process components that will help streamline DMS network model sustainment in operations. Some examples include, doing an inventory on work procedures you have on changing assets at TSs, high voltage feeders, low voltage feeders and DSs.

Data Change Process Improvements

By going through these procedures our team will have a granular understanding of how data on asset changes propagates to your back-end systems today.
Although asset change data eventually makes it way to source systems:

  1. It may not be fully complete causing errors during integration or model import time,
  2. It could take long lead time to arrive in source systems causing the operational network model to be stale, or
  3. It could not always make it to source systems due to lack of adherence to work procedures

Our team implements processes, technology, and organizational changes to align with DMS or OMS model refresh timelines to keep your operational network accurate. We have deployed technology on top of ESRI GIS, developed an asset change workflow suite, enhanced in-house software to streamline, and developed enterprise class workflows to get the field changes onto source systems faster to align with required DMS/OMS model refresh cycles.