Strategic Fit

Selecting a DMS, OMS, or GIS vendor is a significant technology decision. Decisions cannot be made on costs alone and the real challenge with picking the right software is evaluating the strategic fit of each option with with your corporate technology ecosystem and strategic objectives in mind. Some software requires minimal data to run while others need a rich data set to perform advanced functionalities. Some are trivial to deploy but difficult to integrate with your IT ecosystem while others are difficult to deploy but easier to integrate with. Regulatory objectives play a role in selecting the right vendor so the invested capital can be justifiably recovered via rate base.


Our Approach

InfraGrid helps you select the right strategic vendor for your DMS, OMS, or GIS solution that meets the requirements of your managers and operators, IT resources, and regulators. Our proven approach has helped leading North American utilities choose their operational system vendors.

  1. Get perspective from your internal stakeholders on what they want out of a DMS, OMS, and GIS
  2. Conduct Off-the Shelf technology review with your teams and evaluate against your requirements
  3. Draft RFPs and help select Technology & Vendors to deploy the solution

Identifying an optimal organization structure to deliver your transformational initiative is critical to success. Success on transformational programs such as DMS, OMS, or GIS is inevitably a function of the right blend of people with relevant experience, attitudes, and passion to see through change. Through such programs we have learned what level of engagement is required from various business units to ensure smooth delivery and acceptance of the system. We will help you identify which business units and resources are key to delivering a successful program and help you establish PMO and a delivery team organization to kick-start the program.