Project Delivery and Execution

Our team has executed DMS, OMS, and GIS deployments at some of the largest utilities in North America and the Gulf region. We have set up Project Management Office, established organizations to execute projects, and developed testing procedures to effectively test out solutions with vendors and our clients.

Detail Design and Build

We collaborate with your IT and vendor teams to bring together the solution from the start. From requirements to build documentation to interface specifications and finally to test scripts – our team works to help you fully understand the solution and makes sure that the documentation from the highest to the lowest levels is catering to your project requirements. Over the numerous years of experience, we have:

  1. Led requirements gathering and process documentation workshops
  2. Created complex estimating models to derive costs for delivering the solution
  3. Identified data model changes required to accommodate the solution in systems ranging from GIS, CIS, and Asset Registers such as SAP
  4. Regression test and deploy data model changes in systems such as GIS and Asset Registers and regression test the schema against existing dependent systems

Testing, Success Criteria, and Network Model Build

Implementing a DMS or OMS solution is a significant undertaking, which involves stakeholders from across the enterprise due to the data, IT, and operational nature of the solution. Having worked through these complex deployments we appreciate the nuances that help accelerate project delivery. Some of the key areas where we help are:

  1. Define DMS/OMS geographic penetration scope for the pilot roll-out
  2. Identify key success criteria for the pilot
  3. Develop integration tools to export data to DMS/OMS
  4. Execute data remediation and data validation
  5. Define modeling requirements of all network elements – TSs, Feeders, DSs, RSs, RCSs, Load Profiles
  6. Design customized process for building schematic network
  7. Design customized process for conducting network model tuning
  8. Validate pilot results with business users