Electric DMS, OMS, GIS

Utilities across North America and the world are devolving their paper maps and static electronic circuit maps and foraying into the age of DMS, OMS, GIS and other smart technologies. Distribution networks are intricately connected mesh networks with several hundreds or thousands of controllable devices such as switches and breakers. Managing this radial or loop network, however, will become increasingly cumbersome with fusion of Renewable Generation and Utility Scale Batteries, be it a large volume of 10kW residential Solar or several 5MW Wind farms. Technologies such as DMS offer tremendous value in keeping the current operation state of your Distribution network synchronized with field activities and give the radar view to your grid controllers while performing operational tasks ranging from switch order generation, state estimation, and VVO. While OMS offers the versatility to integrate with Smart Meter networks and keep track of utility outages for operational and regulatory reporting.

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Our Experience

We have helped utilities in US and Canada define their Smart Grid vision with requirements specific to their topology, and subsequently leading to RFPs for DMS, GIS, and OMS, and selecting the right vendor partner. Our consultants have deep expertise in tackling both business and technical side of DMS, OMS, and GIS deployments and transition to sustainment. We have aligned strategic objectives, performed overarching design, gathered business requirements, designed enterprise integration tools, and worked through full build, test, and deploy cycle for DMS, OMS, and GIS.

At a large Canadian utility, we helped address challenging areas where trivial answers did not exist such as modeling of assets in DMS or the enterprise integration tools to provide the network data to DMS. We brought the utility operators together to define their network model requirements, spearheaded the DMS data and integration tool development and solved challenge of absent data in utility enterprise systems. We then developed greenfield technologies and processes to solve the distribution data change challenge that is faced by utilities across North America and around the globe. Through development of creative technology solutions that fit with this utility’s team culture and work procedures we were able to streamline DMS sustainment by having all field changes propagated to DMS before the network model refresh cycle.

Partner with InfraGrid

We understand that systems such as DMS, OMS, SCADA and GIS play an intimate role with operators and the control room. InfraGrid approaches operational systems design with an eye for optimal path for roll-out and broad user acceptance. Our team has worked on DMS-OMS integration, OMS-Smart Meter integration, DMS-GIS-CIS integration, GIS-OMS integration, and OMS enhancement projects. Our value to your team is our collective experience and the foresight that comes along with it. We strive to add bottom-line value to your projects whether it be greenfield DMS-OMS deployments or resolving challenges that exist with your existing technology and processes.

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